“I met Khan Academy because of applying for the PhD study at the University of the U.S. I’m preparing the GRE examination and then found the amazing website by clicked the links from ETS official website. I haven’t touch any math computing, except everyday needs, after I graduated form high school, 14 years ago. I love the design of the course over here since I can easily find out what I need and it is effective without wasting any time. So I introduce Khan Academy to my 7-years-old kid and I hope she can get use to self-training with the high-quality online resource.”

– Xue Han (Shanghai, China)

“I’m currently a third-year math and computer science double major studying in America, and this is my fifth year studying in the States. During my 5 years here, Khan Academy has helped me review what I didn’t understand in class, and I have studied many subjects that just looked interesting to me on this platform as well.” 

– Yuan Cui (Ohio, United States)

“I always like learning, for it is anything except boring or difficult. It never should be. Learning is easy and fun. This is what I gained through my experience in Khan Academy. I believe more people deserve to feel the same like me.”

– Ruimin Zhang (Washington, United States)

“I came across Khan Academy while looking for additional curriculum for my kid’s school work. I am surprised by the variety of subjects and the way these courses are organized (prep tests, unit tests, etc). After completing a course myself, I felt more fulfilled with the knowledge I gained.”

– Lu J. (Washington, United States)

“Khan Academy is always able to provide me the most efficient knowledge for my test. I’ve always thought of Salman as the idol of mine. He is passionate, gentle, wise, and experienced on everything. I once read about the inspiration of him starting Khan Academy, and that story made me a follower of him. He started this online Academy because of the classes with his niece. As Khan Academy grew stronger, he did not only contribute more time to it but also made it free! I appreciate what Salman and Khan Academy gave the world.”

– Angela Liu (Kentucky, United States)

“I was an exchange student in Negaunee High School, Michigan, Negaunee. Khan Academy has helped me a lot in my studies. I believe that foundational education is one way to change the world, and hope more people can benefit from free education, even if they were born poor or not knowing English.”

– Mingqing Yuan (Fredrikstad, Norway)

“I am a new graduate student at University of Southern California, majoring in Computer Science. I have an algorithms analysis course this semester and I found Khan Academy via the textbook author’s website. I found the algorithm courses in Khan Academy are really clear, and the exercises are interesting. These help a lot in my study. I have already recommend Khan Academy to my friends.”

– Wenhe Qi (California, United States)

“Three years ago, I moved from China to the United States. Language was the most stubborn obstacle on the road. For everything I didn’t understand in class, I came to Khan Academy. Khan Academy has helped me so much with understanding concepts and methods to solve problems.”

– Donghang Li (United States)

“My first contact with Khan Academy was when I was freshman in high school. I love using Khan Academy to review and do more problems to comprehend new knowledge better. Meanwhile, these videos are very beneficial when I am preparing for Math and Biology competitions. Furthermore, Khan Academy inspired me to do illustrations about chemistry on my own as a means to educate the general public.”

– Alyssa Chen (Beijing, China)

“I moved to Canada 7 years ago. As a grade 11 international student, I decided to self-study grade 12 materials so I can better prepare myself for university applications. While studying by myself, I found some math concepts were especially difficult to understand. I recalled that I’d read an article about Khan Academy, so I googled it and then could not stop reviewing related topics on the site. I enjoyed the comprehensive content from Khan Academy and successfully achieved an average of 96% on grade 12 math courses. Khan Academy not only educated me knowledge, but also brought me interests in math. I then went to University of Waterloo to study mathematics and have been a math tutor for a few years.”

– Yawei Yu (Toronto, Canada)

“I am a loyal user of Khan Academy. I was watching videos from Khan Academy and taught myself classes from the age of 13. Without a doubt, Khan Academy has helped me a lot. As a student who has been studying in public schools in China, transferring to a private school in Canada at the age of 16 can be quite a challenge. However, due to my self-study experience at Khan Academy, I successfully transitioned to a completely new teaching system and achieved many accomplishments in subjects such as mathematics and comp-sci.”

– Kevin Mi (Toronto, Canada)

“When I was preparing for SAT II and AP Biology exams, Khan Academy was always by my side. I really love how you can really feel Sal Khan’s appreciation of the subject he’s teaching simply through his voices, which gave me the motivation to go on.”

– Hou Yaru (China)

“As a mom who has two daughters age 9 and 4, we are regular users of Khan Academy, we think Khan Academy is a great education resource. Origin from China mainland, I understand 50%+ teenagers in rural area of China can not complete their senior high school education, I think Khan Academy could help them reaching higher achievement in their education and bring positive effect to the country and the world.”

– Christine Chen (BC, Canada) (China)

“In my view, many students have spent their free time inefficiently, they could have manage their time in a more productive manner. Rather than lost in the phantom, we should be living in reality. My reason in volunteering as a translator is to turn my time wasted on video games into potential civil service that can both benefit others and myself. As an immigrant, I had countless moments where I was lost academically due to my inability to understand the prompt. However, with this opportunity, I would like to help newcomers to be confident in the topics they learned in school. In short, this volunteering opportunity will enhance my ability to express myself to others while preserving my Chinese heritage that is inside me since my trip to U.S. eight years ago.”

– Jia Wei Lin (New York, United States)

“I believe the right of getting education is a basic human right. I have been in the international education field for about seven years, and have witnessed the trend of more and more top quality education resources becoming only available to students from wealthy families. This will only lead to the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer. Khan Academy’s mission is to share great education with the world for free. Any students, as long as they are motivated and hard-working, can have access to top quality education. This mission aligns with my values.”

– Jun Jiang (United States)

“I studied English in university. After graduating, I continued the international trade business. On an occasional chance, my customer told me about the amazing Khan Academy. If I could get free knowledge from Khan Academy, I could also help others to learn. In China, the education resource is not so even. I hope all the Chinese students could get the high quality education.”

– Xiaoyou Cao (Guangdong, China)

“There are so many people in the world that are eager to learn. But sometimes, due to the language gap, they cannot access many critical information online. As a translator, I wish I could do some contribution in order to help them and spread knowledge farther.”

– Howard Sun (BC, Canada)

“I was retired last year. I had been working as a control engineer in Canada for 17 years. And before I came to Canada, I was an associate professor in a university in China. I got my Master Degree in Xian Jiaotong University in China. The major is Hydraulic Control Engineering. I got my PhD in the department of mechanical engineering in McMaster university. My PhD research area is Robotics and Automation. I have plenty of time after my retirement. I’d like to do something meaningful. I think Khan Academy is doing very meaningful education work for the whole world.”

– Shu Ning (Canada)

“I want to encourage more kids to really enjoy learning and clear away the language barrier that’s been preventing them having access to knowledge. ” 

– Hou Yaru (China)

“Raised in China for 18 years, I’ve well noticed the deficiency of Chinese educational resources and I always expect to address this particular issue one day. When I was 15 years old, I watched an inspiring Ted Talk delivered by Sal Khan who shared his insights in the reinvention of education. This speech impressed me and I began to think about the establishment of such charitable educational system in China ever since. However, multitudes of Chinese cannot be benefitted from Khan due to their incapacity of understanding English. I feel it behooves me to help translate Khan’s courses. Because I don’t think language barriers should be an obstacle in the spreading of educational content. I want to remove such languages barriers, spread Khan’s courses and its philosophy to China, as well as alleviate Chinese education issues by my little contribution.”

– Hanwen Deng (California, United States)

“Many Chinese students are struggling to find any good free online courses so that they can learn more at home to adapt to the competitive learning environment.  Khan Academy has a good reputation and is trusted among many Chinese students. If there are translators to help them overcome the language barrier, there will be much more convenience for them to learn and strive. Many Chinese students wonder what Western-style education is like, but many of them cannot understand English or the terminology in English is difficult for them to “decode”, so translators can also bring them an image of what Western education is like to broaden their horizon.”

– Mao Huanqing (Singapore)