The Simplified Chinese Khan Academy text translation team works to translate all subject content in Khan Academy from English into Simplified Chinese. The volunteers who participate in this work have strong translation ability and understand technical terms in both Chinese and English. They are familiar with the subjects they are involved in translating, and also are modest, hard-working self-learners. Once they have shown themselves to be reliable translators, volunteers may become proofreaders. Topics currently being translated include basic mathematics, advanced mathematics (calculus and above), English grammar, world history, physics, chemistry, economics, statistics, computer science, and more.


Current Translators (As of 12/31/2021)

Mark Yan

Mavis Zeng

Wu Ray

Dali Wang

Andrew Dou

Sam Tang

Katherine Xu

Julie Xie

Yan Su

Shu Ning

Shiyuan Liang

Shelly He

Yiwen Lou

Yidan Deng

Clovis Zhu

Jasmine Li

Jingwen Pan

Cindy Ni

Xiaoyou Cao