The name “eEasy” is as simple as its meaning. The first “e” represents “electronic”, “education”, and “equality”. The goal of the eEasy Foundation is to make it easy for each learner to acquire knowledge through equal access to online education and resources.

The eEasy Foundation was initiated by Jenny Zhang in 2019 in order to help fulfill the mission of Khan Academy to “provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.” In 2008, Sal Khan founded Khan Academy, a non-profit educational organization, and it is now being used by millions of students everywhere. (learn more about Khan Academy) We created the eEasy Foundation because we believe in this mission and wish to help further this movement for educational equity. At present, the core mission of our foundation is to localize and promote Khan Academy content in Chinese, to provide support for learners in China by eliminating language barriers, and to make it easy and simple for users to learn. You can read more about Khan Academy Localization Project.

Mission Statement: “To provide equitable resources to learners everywhere and make learning EASY!